Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shuraki - Meifeng Liu

-Finally, I was woken up early yesterday by the parcel delivery guys, who to my suprise...delivered my much anticipated package on a Saturday morning :D!! They knocked on my door loudly, and I had about 3 seconds to respond when I woke up. I rushed down stairs with my keys in my pyjamas looking really sleepy... and I caught the parcel delivery man leaving behind a card as he was about to walk off *o*; Anyways... Lucky I reacted fast enough, or else I woulda had to drive down to the indicated post office to pick up the package myself -_-; That is...if I'd even get the card, because its been quite windy lately :P

-Anyways... I fell asleep after securing my package :D Then when I woke up...I was all prepared to finally open the Meifeng Liu figure I've been wanting for so long *o*;

-I knew it wouldn't be an easy task, because I'm usually quite discreet about keeping the packaging undamaged...But damn, the difficulty in unpacking this exceeded my expectations greatly....... Firstly of all, the celo tapes were expected, so that was no hassle, just took some time. But then....came the excruciating process of unpacking the actual figure... Meifeng Liu was secured in place by the plastic cover, on her were about 4-5 pieces of plastic wrap that were fitted into her clothing, suggesting that those parts are the parts you can take apart(because she comes with exchangable outfit). I was horrified that I would break her...because she had very delicate long hair pieces, ribbons, and some of the plastic had to be stretched before I could take her apart... I highly doubt I will be changing her costume any time soon...due to that very uneasy experience taking her apart *o*;

-After about 30minutes spent unwrapping the plastic stuff tugged in her costume, it is finally up for display :D!!!

-Ok... Enough blabbering, heres some photos I took of Meifeng Liu today :)

-Oh yes, Meifeng Liu came with an artbook and a drama CD with a character song in it :D This figurine is part of a series called "Shuraki", which I think features 7 characters each designed and illustrated by a different artist. I think only 5 of them are available as figurines tho. Im not entirely sure about the series, I just know Meifeng Liu looks awesome :)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hitman Reborn - Vongola Rings

After 2 online orders, I've finally got my set of vongola rings!! The first set I bought was a "special release" apparently... And the quality of the rings I thought, were significantly lower quality than the non special release lol.

Anyways, after the disappointing first set of rings, I decided to order again(because the first ones were my fault, I thought there existed only 1 set of rings...and didnt realise I had placed an order on the "special release set" lol).

This time around, I ordered the appropriate set, which were much cheaper, so I was a bit worried at first lol. But anyhow, heres some photos of the 2 sets I bought :)

-Anyways, heres the first set I bought. The "Special" release version.

-And heres the 2nd set I ordered. The normal version.

-And heres a comparison photo of a ring from both sets.

Rei and Asuka EX Sweet Witches

I bought these 2 on the same day I bought the Yuki Nagato nendoroid :D Wow, these 2 were really cheap in comparison to a lot of the other figurines I have to say. Only about $20 each, and they're quite big too XD;

Though I have to say, the quality is not as good as some of the other figurines I have. For example, the nendoroid :) Notice how I have not taken any extreme close-up photos of them LOL!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yuki Nagato Nendoroid

Just last week, I ordered a few figurines online. I took some photos of one of them XD; This is so well made, I wish I didn't have to order everything online... but New Zealand doesn't have much anime merchandises in shops :P

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Doujin Overload

Yesterday was the Doujin Overload event, its an anime convention held near where I live. It was my first time participating in one of these events as an artist. I have to say it was an awesome experience and I had loads of fun throughout the day.

I participated this year's event with a group of friends, and together we named our group "Nexus VII" and made an artbook called "Sushi" composing of all our artwork. We sold these books with 7 different covers to choose from. I also sold some of my own individual stuff. A few posters and bookmarks.

Although the books were far from selling out, and I made some losses on the books, my posters and bookmarks broke even for my loss on the books, and I actually made a profit at the end. I guess my lesson for next year prepare more stock, as I ran out of posters quite fast and had to restock about an hour into the event...

I made some bookmarks and A3 posters(the photos below are A4, but on the day I had them in A3) for sale at the event.I took part in a few pages of an artbook, and designed one of the covers(there were 7 variations).

-Heres some photos of what my friends and I were selling at the time.

-Nexus VII artbooks! Each group member was to make a unique cover for the book.
I did the middle cover within these 3, theres 4 others but I don't have them with me :(
-I also made a set of Soul Eater bookmarks to sell :D

-And some posters I sold in A3

-And heres some photos from the event that I took(Except the first one, Kody from Hiyaku Studio took the one with me in it :P ):
-First 5 photos are of my group and myself XD; Actually... I only appear in like the first photo lol, so ghostly.

Heres photos of some figurines on display that I really wanted :(

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First blog, first post

(A drawing of Sakura, from "Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles")
My first blog, and my first post on a blog. I don't really know what to say. Guess I'll just upload a drawing I did :)